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Winnest proposes a revolutionary platform combining a collaborative economy and “social gaming” guaranteeing gains for each user. Its ecosystem offers flexible solutions to cyber- purchasers to access the best offers and increase their buying power. Winnest could become a regular source of income.

Aware of the new digital economy issues and the increasing public’s interest in cryptocurrencies, Winnest is introducing its own cryptocurrency, the WNC and its loyalty token, the TWNC.

Based on the Ethereum protocol and its highly advanced blockchain system, this cryptocurrency opens numerous possibilities for unique applications, allowing systematic remuneration of its users with the loyalty token, the TWNC.

The Winnest team meets public’s expectations by creating a token simple to use and highly secured developed for mass market. The Blockchain technology corresponds perfectly to the collaborative marketplace's needs, its “smart contract” protocol allowing the integration of users’ e-reputation so that every transaction is done confidently. Providing a complete solution including a “wallet” and account management tools makes the use of the WNC accessible to everyone.

Our Team wants to offer its consumers more than just a marketplace. Winnest’s team developed a dynamics exploiting people’s daily habits on social media and transformed it into a productive strength. Winnest network’s users are the main actors in the system and they can see their activity rewarded. The Multilevel affiliation principle appears to be the solution responding to consumers’ expectations.

Based on a “followers” system, the multilevel affiliation relies on its users’ activity. This system is saving advertising costs as every customer is “representing” the platform as well as extend- ing its network of affiliates to ensure maximum visibility.

Also, each sale effectuated by a network thanks to a collaborative action ensures each person of this network an appropriate remuneration calculated according to different factors. The cryptocurrency technology is revolutionizing sales by using the multi-level affiliation. Our loyalty token, the TWNC allows users to be instantly remunerated for their efforts.

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