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Wmpro provides decentralized word of mouth Authenticator cervices certified by blockchain.


Due to the increased popularity of referral marketing, there was a problem of inaccuracy of information of the parties involved in transactions. Traders should not spend time and effort to check and search for reliable data about each other. The solution may be the platform Wmpro, using cryptocurrency WMPRO (Word of Mouth PRO). The team of experts led by the founders Giovanni Lioneti and Riccardo Vieri managed to integrate into the standard algorithm of solving cryptographic puzzles of processes that allow to identify reliable information about traders who make transactions in the cryptocurrency market.


  • The platform allows users to obtain quality certificates of the downloaded information and buy the services they need using the WMPRO coin.
  • An industry-specific e-commerce platform will allow consumers and businesses to make transactions, purchase instruments and exchange WMPRO currency.
  • The platform can identify genuine content and accurate information about all market participants involved in commercial activities.
  • Companies working with the use of referral marketing, will be able to improve the reputation and credibility while receiving more users and increasing sales.
  • The system will allow end users to check the best programs and professionals agents, representatives or online referral systems.


The platform partners include: Changelly, startcre8ive.com, Mywish, Trescon. The prospect includes the conclusion of a partnership with a large number of platforms to improve the convenience of using the currency on the market. After bringing platform to full performance, transactions will be possible throughout the globe.

Where to buy[edit]

Cryptocurrency WMPRO can be bought on the official website, or cryptocurrency exchanges.


WMPRO (WMP) ICO will be held from July 20, 2018 to October 31, 2018. Any currency can be used to pay to obtain WMPRO. At the moment, the rate is 1 WMPRO = 0,31 USD.

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