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WONO is a P2P platform for rentals and freelancing. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain and the Interplanetary FIle System (IPFS), the platform and community are decentralized, which allows users to interact without a middlemen.

Project idea[edit]

WONO combines functions of Airbnb, Turo, Upwork and TaskRabbit on blockchain. It aims to solve 5 major problems of P2P economy: high commissions, taxation of vendors, non-transparency of ratings and reviews, currency exchange loss and risk of fraud and deal cancellation.

WONO users can act in 4 different roles at the same time: vendor (rent smth out or perform jobs), customer (rent smth or post a job), guarantor (stake for successful deal termination) and arbitrator (determine affected party in disputes).

WONO users can earn and spend tokens on one platform which lets them never withdraw tokens and legally avoid any kind of taxation or exchange loss.

Team and company[edit]

WONO team originates from Russia. CEO Alex Esaulov is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful digital businesses founded the project together with Andrei Chepelev (COO), German Solodov (CMO), and also two general advisors: Lev Lemkov (ex Wings DAO) and Kirill Pyrev (ex Botgaming).

Later a former business developer and account manager of Booking.com Benedict O'Leary and a maketing manager from Turo Adil Khan joined the team as sharing economy advisors.

WONO is now incorporated in Malta.


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