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WOWX is a centralized crypto-to-crypto exchange on the ERC20 platform that is the solution to existing high trading fees, low liquidity of ICO tokens while providing enhanced security.

A centralized exchange like WOWX provides a fuss free user interface better liquidity, faster transaction speeds and enhanced security. WOWX takes it further by engaging users on the platform through its highly rewarding activities.

Simply by being a centralized exchange, WOWX has a great audience of investors due to centralized exchanges’ popularity among them. A centralized exchange not only facilitates transactions faster resulting in higher trading volumes compared to decentralized or P2P exchanges. This would further increase the liquidity of tokens.

Designed with a user-friendly interface, similar to the structure of traditional exchanges, offers access to beginners and experts alike. This lowers barriers to entry, allowing easy onboarding of new traders, hence, serving a wider database.

ICO pre-sale start date: 2019-02-01

[https:// Project's website]

What sets WOWX apart[edit]

Smart card

WOWX understands the concerns users have when sending their valuable assets to a single location to be held and the vulnerability that surrounds centralized exchanges and hence, WOWX puts security at its number one priority by introducing a bank-grade secured smart card for its users. The card will allow users to securely store private keys and coins. Multi-factor authentication embedded within the smart card further strengthens security

Distributed transaction rewards
A WOWX account is divided according to tiers that rewards users with incentives when you actively interact with the platform by trading. Your account will be upgraded as your trading volume increases, so will your rewards.

Airdrop of listed tokens

WOWX token holders will receive airdrops each time a new token is listed on the exchange. The amount of airdrops received is tied to your WOWX account level - the higher level your account is, the more tokens you will be able to hold and therefore, the amount of airdrops (or is it tokens?) received increases. All transactions will be recorded on the ERC20 platform to provide transparency to all account holders with WOWX.

Through these measures, a platform like WOWX amplifies the advantages of centralized exchanges and also further improves security.

More information in the project's whitepaper: WOWX’s Whitepaper

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