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X11 Gost is an algorithm for mining cryptocurrency. The difference of X11 and X11 Gost is the process that inside the X11 chain there have been added special hash function called «Stribog». Stribog is built on the domestic Russian standard (GOST R 34.11-2012) approved by the Federal Security Service in Russia.

X11 Gost and SIBCoin (SIB)[edit]

Since February, 14, 2017 there is an opportunity to sell or buy mining hashrate for X11 Gost algorithm. It is used for mining SIBCoin (SIB) on NiceHash mining pool. SIBCoin is a cryptocurrency, which firstly gained popularity by Russian community and later has been growing steadily. As a result, Nicehash added SIB token to the pool and the coin became more attractive for international users.

SIBCoin is mined on GPU through the X11 Gost algorithm. The latest releases of the NiceHash Miner software also comes with built-in support for the X11-Gost algorithm used by SIB.

The connection for miners to Nicehash:

The connection for miners to Suprnova:
stratum+tcp://sib.suprnova.cc:3458  You have to use the modified miner for x11-gost !

At the moment, Nvidia miners have the advantage for mining X11-Gost with a faster hashrate for the more recent Maxwell and Pascal GPUs than AMD miners. Still AMD miners might be interested in checking out the X11-Gost algorithm used by SIBCoin (SIB) as it is not that power hungry and with the increased interest with the recent addition of the algorithm on NiceHash as it might offer a nice profitability for users willing to sell their hashrate and get paid in Bitcoins directly.

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