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Xevan algorithm miner, mining

XEVAN is a hashing algorithm for mining cryptocurrency developed as a unique combination of dual X17 algorithm with a 128 bit headers. Xevan algorithm was founded and used by BitSend (BSD). Later, developers of some other cryptocurrencies started to implement Xevan algo as it refers to be ASIC-resistant, energy efficient and stable algorithm.

XEVAN Review[edit]

The coins based on XEVAN can be mined with the help of GPU miners which are available for AMD and NVIDIA. For instance, if you want to start mining cryptocurrency on AMD devices, it is possible to use the Limxtec sgminer (Windows, Linux systems) while for NVIDIA you can use ccminer fork by Krnlx (available for Windows only).


There is a list of cryptocurrencies that are based on Xevan Proof-of-work algorithm:

  • OJA Coin (OJX) [1]
  • BitSend (BSD)
  • AmsterdamCoin (AMS)
  • Northern Coin (NORT)
  • Solaris (XLR)
  • B-Hash (HASH)
  • Bitcoin Incognito (XBI)
  • Ellerium Project (ELR)
  • Nanucoin (NNC)[2]

Xevan mining[edit]

The features of mining on this algorithm include the ability to use Nvidia graphics cards. In the network, you can download miners that provide a stable hashrate. According to the developers of Xevan, their goal was to create a secure system that would allow to mine cryptocurrency on processors and video cards without the use of ASIC. The ASIC-hardware for the Xevan algorithm has not yet been created.

Xevan miners comparison[edit]

On one of the most popular miners for Bitsend, it turns out to achieve a hashrate of 3.3+ MHS on the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 video card. It is noteworthy that the creators of BitSend initially provided many users with a reward in the form of coins for various actions. This contributed to the growth of activity and popularity.

For all cryptocurrencies on the algorithm, you can use the following miners: CCMiners, SGMiners, CPUMiner. Developers of assets at Xevan are building long-term development plans. For example, Bitsend indicates that the block reward will only be halved over the next 100 years (a large emission is assumed).

NVIDIA Miners[edit]

There is a list of popular NVIDIA videocards that are used in mining farms:

Videocard MH/s
GTX 750Ti 0.775
GTX 780 0.648
GTX 960 1.2
GTX 970 1.85
GTX 980Ti 3.06
GTX 1050 1.101
GTX 1050Ti 1.225
GTX 1060 3GB 1.75
GTX 1060 6GB 2.19
GTX 1070 3.32
GTX 1070Ti 3.997
GTX 1080 3.24
GTX 1080Ti 5

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