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eXperiencePoints (XP) — is a digital currency based on the blockchain. Launched in 2016, it is designed to be used for online and offline purchases of goods and services in a variety of markets, but specifically focusing on gaming, sports, and education.

Today the XP team consists of over 20 people in 10 different countries.

Technical characteristics[edit]

XP is based on Bitcoin with several novel twists. While it was a token that could be created via mining, the mining period of the cryptocurrency has expired and it is a purely PoS (proof-of-stake) coin, in which the resource of scarcity is coin age. A new block in the chain is created every 30 seconds and the reward for it depends on the wallet weight of the initial node that stakes the block first.


The global goal of XP is to become a universal incentivization token for billions of gamers, athletes, and students around the world.

Today, XP is available on several cryptocurrency exchanges, with future plans to list on additional exchanges following some technical updates.

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