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XPAND token is part of the Angry Panda cryptocurrency project that aims to protect investors from the inherent risks in investing in cryptocurrencies, guaranteeing almost the whole value paid for their own coins. In addition to giving greater security and confidence to investors, it is designed to facilitate and encourage the daily use of cryptocurrencies providing fast, cheap and secure ways to send payments.


The value of XPAND coin is limited in a fixed range for the XPAND/USD pair. In fact, Angry Panda project supports the price of XPAND cryptocurrency through a guaranteed repurchase fixed at 1,000$. Furthermore its price can't raise over 1,100$. This precaution was decided to protect investors, or rather to remember them to invest carefully and avoid the trap of pump and dump. These limits, however, only apply to XPAND/USD pair: all the other pairs, instead, have no limits of price.

Asset details[edit]

Token name XPAND
Ticker symbol
Asset ID 5iZ5wBrw9kLvXhSJJuLhZ1eSM3QtQPn1EtwQ1mUvDaMY
Platform Waves
Main sale start date 1st September
Issue price 1,050$
Repurchase price 1,000$
Available pairs All tokens on Waves Decentralized Exchange
Supply 2,600,000 XPAND
Re-issuable Yes

Decentralized exchange[edit]

XPAND cryptocurrency is listed on Waves Decentralized Exchange. The decentralized exchange allows users to trade any pair of tokens (all pairs are available) without an intermediate currency. Furthermore, transactions are confirmed in few milliseconds and are extremely cheap (less than 0.001 Waves, around 0.002$ today).

Angry Panda tokens[edit]

Angry Panda project includes the issue of 4 different tokens on Waves Platform:

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