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XAYA is blockchain gaming platform based off of namecoin. The concept was conceived in October 2016. Initially the project was named Chimaera and in June 2018 it was rebranded as XAYA.

The XAYA project was founded by lead Namecoin developer Dr. Daniel Kraft and the founder of the Huntercoin experiment (the world’s first blockchain and decentralised mmo) Andrew Colosimo.

The XAYA blockchain’s genesis block was mined in July 2018.

XAYA implements an innovative Triple Purpose Mining mechanism. https://github.com/xaya/Specs/blob/master/mining.md

XAYA is based on principles from the Huntercoin experiment and Namecoin. It allows for completely decentralised realities to run autonomous and unstoppable on the blockchain.

Features Include:

- Human Mining - An innovative way of distributing cryptocurrencies through skill and intelligence as opposed to expensive mining hardware. As pioneered in Huntercoin
- Serverless game worlds
- Censorship resistant game worlds
- True ownership of digital assets
- Provably fair game play
- Trustless decentralised games that are:
      0 Scalable
      0 Real-time
- Fraud proof trading
- Play to Earn gaming experience

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