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Xenon crypto currency describes the regulatory and distributive benefits of an alternative blockchain, forked out of EOS, which is widely distributed through Airdrop. Xenon, an alternative blockchain isolated from the EOS project, avoids some of the regulatory problems that arise in connection with public offerings that are more widely used than the EOS token. Crypto-currency has prospects, it can lead to a rise in the price of currency in the market.

The prehistory of the project EOS[edit]

Owners claim the EOS platform includes an innovative blockchain that is able to protect all data. High-level hosting, which promises high speed and low cost. The basis of the development of Block.Openrosa funded and has checked the development. Excellent specialists in the team, who have more than one implementation of excellent and ambitious projects behind their back. The initial distribution of EOS tokens is determined by the annual blockchain collection in the Ethereum network. It was planned to launch the EOS platform with blockchain together with the conversion of tokens for the ERC20 platform. The EOS team has taken several steps to reduce the regulatory impact due to the large number of users:

  • Waiver of any obligations when launching or maintaining the EOS blockchain;
  • Disclaimer releasing the organization block.one of any obligations to token holders from the ERC20 or EOS platform.

Distribution goals[edit]

Technical Director Daniel Larimer has set the following goals:

  • wide dissemination of information about tokens hepop
  • participating in the community
  • bright and equal opportunities for users and investors

Xenon airdrop[edit]

The Xenon project offers to create a token ERC20 XNN 70%. They will be aired, and the remainder of the tokens will be used to fund and promote the token in the form of bounties for social media, referral programs, advertising, public relations, for the technical aspects of Airdrop, encourage sharing, participate in the creation, creation and support of Xenon websites and social media events, and assist in the launch of the Hepop blockchain in July or August 2018. Most likely Xenon tokens will be distributed to 450.000 addresses fully proportional to Ethereum.

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