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Bitcoin ile alakalı yazılımlar. Ayrıca bakınız Category:Software.

Be sure to keep on top of the latest security vulnerabilities!

Bitcoin yazılımları[edit]

Bitcoin clients[edit]

  • Bitcoin-Qt - C++/Qt based tabbed UI for Bitcoin, Linux/MacOSX/Windows, full-featured
  • bitcoind - GUI-less version of the standard Bitcoin client, providing JSON-RPC interface
  • Bitcoin-js-remote - JavaScript RPC client, support for QR codes
  • Bitcoin WebUI - JavaScript RPC client
  • Bitcoin Webskin - PHP web interface to bitcoind and namecoind
  • subvertx - Command line bitcoin tools
  • Electrum - A blazing fast, open-source, multi-OS Bitcoin client/wallet with a very active community
  • MultiBit - a secure, lightweight, international Bitcoin wallet for Windows, MacOS and Linux
  • Bitcoiner - Java RPC client (Android)
  • Spesmilo - Python/PySide RPC client (abandoned)
  • Armory - Python-based client currently an alpha-level release, the beta version is being crowdfunded

Frontends to eWallet[edit]

  • BitPay - Android application
  • Blockchain - Javascript bitcoin client with client side encryption.



  • libbitcoin
  • bitcoinj - Java client library, early development stage but used in live projects already
  • BCCAPI (Bitcoin Client API) - a java library designed for making secure light-weight bitcoin clients.

Bitcoin Trade Data[edit]

  • Bitcoin Charts – Prices, volume, and extensive charting on virtually all Bitcoin markets.
  • MtGox Live - An innovative chart showing a live feed of Mt. Gox trades and market depth. (Must Use Chrome)
  • BTCCharts - An innovative chart showing a live feed of multiple markets, currencies and timeframes.
  • BitcoinExchangeRate.org - Bitcoin and USD converter with convenient URL scheme and Auto-updating Portfolio Spreadsheet.
  • Bitcoin Sentiment Index - A financial index that collects and disseminates sentiment data about bitcoin.
  • Preev - Bitcoin converter with live exchange rates.

Bitcoin software[edit]

Web interfaces for merchants[edit]

  • Bitcoin Evolution- Non wallet-based Buy Now button to insert into websites (handles sales tracking; client must be used for actual transaction)
  • BitPay - Buy Now buttons, Checkout posts/callbacks, Mobile Checkout, JSON API
  • Btceconomy - a JavaScript widget listing items for sale
  • Javascript Bitcoin Converter - currency conversion
  • WalletBit - Easy JavaScript Buy Now buttons, Instant Payment Notification, Application Programming Interface (JSON API), Mobile Checkout, QR-Code
  • BitUtils Merchant - Customizable Buy Now buttons with hosted checkout interface. No programming skills required to set up.

Shopping Cart Integration in eCommerce-Systems[edit]

  • Zen Cart Bitcoin Payment Module - a payment module that interacts with bitcoind for the Zen Cart eCommerce shopping chart.
  • Karsha Shopping Cart Interface - is a mobile payment-interface which enables its users to accept payments.
  • Bitcoin-Cash - an easy to use payment module for xt:Commerce
  • BitPay - bitcoin plugins for Magento, Opencart, Zencart, PHP, JSON API
  • WalletBit - Plugins for PrestaShop, OpenCart, PHP, JSON API
  • OpenCart Bitcoin - An OpenCart payment module that communicates with a bitcoin client using JSON RPC.
  • OsCommerce Bitcoin Payment Module - a payment module that uses a python monitoring script to interact with bitcoind for OsCommerce
  • Drupal Ubercart Bitcoin payment method enables you to accept Bitcoin as payment for your Drupal/Ubercart enabled website product/services.

Web apps (opensource)[edit]

Browser extensions[edit]

PC apps[edit]

Mobile apps[edit]

iPhone / iPad[edit]

  • Blockchain - Fully featured iphone bitcoin app.
  • Bitcoin Ticker (iPhone) - monitoring price w/push notifications
  • BitCoins Mobile - First iPad native app! Live market data, news feeds, mining pool statistics, full screen exchange price charts, bitcoin network statistical charts. (iPad only, iPhone/iPod Touch coming soon!)
  • BitcoinTrader - Spend/receive BTC via QR codes, trade, deposit/withdraw, etc. Supports Mt. Gox, TradeHill, ExchB, CampBX, and InstaWallet.
  • Bit-pay - Mobile Checkout, set prices in any currency and receive mobile-to-mobile payment
  • Easywallet.org - Web based wallet, works with QR Code scanner on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch


Windows Phone 7[edit]

  • Direct link to Windows Phone Marketplace Bitcoin apps: [1]

see also Bitcoin Payment Apps

Operating systems[edit]

  • MinePeon - Bitcoin mining on the Raspberry PI
  • BAMT - a minimal Linux based OS intended for headless mining. Initially announced here (not maintained)
  • LinuxCoin - a lightweight Debian-based OS, with the Bitcoin client and GPU mining software

Mining apps[edit]

Mining Pool Servers (backend)[edit]

Main page: Poolservers

  • ecoinpool - Erlang poolserver
  • Eloipool - Fast Python3 poolserver
  • Pushpoold - Old mining poolserver in C (not maintained)
  • Poold - Old Python mining poolserver (not maintained)
  • PoolServerJ - Java mining poolserver (not maintained)

Utilities, libraries, and interfaces:[edit]

Lists of software[edit]

  • BitGit - list of Bitcoin-related opensource projects hosted at Git

Developer resources[edit]


  • Namecoin - a distributed naming system based on Bitcoin technology
  • Bitcoin Consultancy - an organization providing open source software and Bitcoin-related consulting
  • Open Transactions - a financial crypto and digital cash software library, complementary to Bitcoin
  • Moneychanger - Java-based GUI for Open Transactions
  • BTCnames - a webbased aliasing service which allows to handle unlimited names for your BTC deposit hashes
  • Devcoin - the open source developer coin



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