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What makes the first choice for Bitcoin Mining?

  • Double Geometric Payout Method
  • No Fees - optional Donation of 2% can be adjusted
  • Single Sign On with your existing Google, Yahoo or Facebook Account
  • Long Polling and Low Stale Percentage
  • Custom build Web Frontend
  • SSL Certificate
  • Individual and interactive Statistics
  • Automatic and full Decimal Payouts
  • Shoutbox and Support via Ticket System
  • Many additional features added almost daily

Advantages of Double Geometric Payout Method

Low Variance Mining

This method offers steady income per share similar to PPS. We take the risk of long rounds and pay even when the pool buffer runs out, so we appreciate donations to keep this service up and running.

Pool Hopping Proofed

Pool Hopping on does not increase income, to make sure, everyone will receive a fair value for submitted shares.

Double Geometric Variables

f = -1 ; c = 0.5 ; o =0.5
More Information about this method can be found here:

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