ZOTAC 780 GTX AMP! Edition (780 Mh/s for Blake256)

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File:Hardware ZOTAC 780 GTX AMP! Edition (780 Mh s for Blake256).jpg
ZOTAC 780 GTX AMP! Edition (780 Mh/s for Blake256)

The ZOTAC AMP! GeForce GTX 780 combines extraordinary power and advanced control features for a new level of graphics performance. The powerful NVIDIA Kepler GPU of 2304 cores has factory-overclocked settings (1006MHz base clock and 1059 MHz boost clock, versus reference 863 MHz base clock and 900MHz boost clock) for jaw-dropping graphics and high hash rate while mining cryptocurrency. NVIDIA GPU Boost 2.0 technology pushes PC performance to new levels with precise controls. A Splinter Cell Compilation three-game pack coupon and ZOTAC Boost Premium software are also included. The ZOTAC 780 GTX AMP! Edition can produce 780 Mh/s for Blake256-based cryptocurrencies like Blakecoin, Photon and others.

  • Hash rate: 780 Mh/s
  • Hashing algorithm: Blake256
  • Cryptocurrency: BlakeBitcoin,Blakecoin,Dirac Electron,Photon
  • Manufacturer: ZOTAC
  • Model: 780 GTX AMP! Edition
  • Core clock: 1158
  • Mem clock: 3105
  • Hardware type: GPU
  • Os: WIndows 7
  • Mining software: 361.43



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