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ZVChain is a reliable, regulated and expandable financial public DEFI (Decentralized Finance) chain for connecting various financial services, which uses the energy-efficient hierarchical routing protocol based on Chiron chains.

Zvchain official logo


Chiron combines two advanced cryptographic technologies - VRF (verifiable random function) + BLS (Boneh - Lynn - Shacham) consensus algorithm. It will also inherit this robust consensus algorithm at the protocol level to provide a dual accounting system that matches traditional financial logic, and its vision is to create a decentralized financial ecosystem for enterprises and simplify their future business interactions. ZVChain, supported by various experts in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, is led by Leinali Hua, one of the co-founders of the company. She is one of the first researchers and practitioners of the global blockchain industry. She has been involved in investments and ICO of over 300 quality blockchain projects around the world, with the highest total market value reaching $ 6 billion.

ZVChain joins the SlowMist Zone[edit]

In August 2019, it became known that ZVChain joined the SlowMist Zone and launched the “Vulnerability Rewards and Threat Analysis Program” to improve the public blockchain ecosystem protection. The maximum reward for detecting serious vulnerabilities can reach $ 2,500. SlowMist is the creator of the SlowMist Zone and is responsible for its development. This allows the company to bring together many excellent security researchers and experienced blockchain practitioners. Currently, the bounty-bug platform in the SlowMist Zone has been accepted for 20 project participants, covering the blockchain, wallet, exchange, etc. The platform also fixed many vulnerabilities for partnership projects. SlowMist Safe Staking is a security product launched by the SlowMist Zone and designed for the PoS ecosystem that runs on nodes of the PoS consensus algorithm blockchain, such as EOS, BOS, FIBOS, YOYOW, IoTeX, Cosmos, Vechain, IOST, etc.


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