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Maya Preferred 223 is a state-of-art Ethereum Classic-based ERC23 token backed with approximately $23.000 worth of gold and silver from eight major mines based in Mexico. Maya Preferred is currently being traded on FatBTC and Cat.ex exchanges. The token is developed by U. K. Financial Ltd.


Maya Preferred is positioning itself to become a new digital payment standard, looking to challenge the credit titans Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover in the retail space. According to its whitepaper, ecosystem of Maya Preferred is expected to include (but not be limited to) ATMs worldwide (target 10,000), cryptocurrency exchanges, security companies, bank accounts, payment systems, payment cards, and an OTC trading desk.

Ticker Symbol[edit]

Maya Preferred ticker symbol is MAPR.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 12.01.07 PM.png

Token percentage[edit]

The whole number of MAPR tokens is almost 200 millions. Maya Preferred 223 team plans to hold 65% (125M tokens), distributing other 35% between different sources. At the moment 1 million tokens is available for the market.


On March 21st, 2019 the trading of MAPR token started on FatBTC exchange. Starting price for a token has been almost $1,500. Orders are now live for the MARP/BTC trading pair. From May 9th, 2019 the trading of MAPR started on CAT.EX exchange And it is the most active exchange that is trading Maya Preferred 223, according to CoinGecko. The most recent price for MAPR has been $11.815.64 (equal to 1.5 BTC), and it keeps rising.

Backing assets[edit]

Maya Preferred is supported by eight gold and silver mines located in three Mexican states:

  • El Milagro Project
    • Mina Santiago ApĆ³stol
    • Mina El Milagro
    • Mina El Milagro II
    • Mina Juan del Oro
  • Tequila project
    • Mina Grano del Oro
    • Mina La Guadalupe
    • Mina La Guadalupe II
    • Mina la Fortuna

Company's top ranked officials[edit]

  • James Dahlke, CEO and founder of Maya Preferred 223.
  • Rodrigo Arvide, vice president.
  • Richard Crespo, vice president.
  • Jose Maria Torres Duran, mining advisor
  • Keith Christiansen, head of blockchain security.


  • Transactions in the network are processed very quickly.
  • Maya Preferred 223 token has an extra high level of security.
  • The token is backed by the record number of precious metals assets, being in practice a stablecoin with approximately $18,500 support in gold and silver.
  • With adding new mines to the list of supporting assets, the price of MAPR is expected to grow imminently.
  • MAPR now is backed not only with gold but also with fiat.

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